Developing Mad Skills

More cooking this weekend! I might end up a decent cook after all. Well, that is unless someone wants from-scratch buttermilk biscuits. I made those Saturday morning. Meh. I’m sure I didn’t roll the layers properly, because there were no layers! 

But today I made delicious buttermilk waffles from a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook we were given as a wedding gift. I added chia seeds to the mix and spread blueberry jam on mine. Very tasty! 

For dinner tonight I made two dishes from “Superfoods for Diabetics” from Cooking Light magazine. Chicken with White Wine Sauce and Asparagus and a salad with bacon vinaigrette. The only changes I made were to add more chicken stock in place of white wine in the sauce and replaced Swiss chard in the salad with a spring mix. 

Both recipes were very easy. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts can be very boring, but the sauce is whisked up in the pan, and adds such a nice flavor. 

Dave enjoyed breakfast and dinner, he’s such a natural in the kitchen that I’m always anxious about his reaction. But today was a victory! I’m gaining more confidence with each recipe I make! 


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