Inspiration in Sadness 

It’s been a tough weekend. Fear and sadness on Inauguration Day, including feeling sick to my stomach and developing a tension headache right about the same time the oath was to be taken. I’m also missing my parents and Grandpa. Dad’s birthday was the 21st, Mom’s the 22nd. They both would have turned 61. Grandpa Chuck’s birthday was the 23rd, he’d be 77. 

So self-care has been extremely important this weekend. I indulged a little too much on Saturday, but overall I think I did well avoiding self destructive behavior. One small way I can fight back, keeping myself healthy.

Friday I had a great night with friends, and Moses got to see his godmama and rescuer for the first time since he was itty bitty. I think he remembered her! Saturday I had a great Zumba class, and then met my friend and unofficial spiritual advisor, Pastor Jenny, at the Eau Claire Women’s March. 

We carried signs we had made on Friday, and waved at and chatted with other friends. More on the March shortly.

Saturday night I texted with my stepmom and watched the women’s final at the US Figure Skating Championships. Today, Sunday, I was back at church in the choir, then rocked out a kick-ass workout with my trainer. I picked up some ready made meals for lunches this week, now I’m snuggling with my cats while cheering on Nathan Chen and Jason Brown in the men’s skating final. Dave is going to make some chicken kabobs for dinner. A good way to go into the workweek!

I was so inspired at the local march, and that continues as I look over photos from marches all over the world. Now marching, rallies, that’s all well and good, but the hard part is applying that inspiration. How do I make sure the actions I take help as many people as possible? What can I do to make sure everyone that’s been left out and left behind is included in this movement that we’re still figuring out? And why, in 2017, do we still have to have marches and rallies and protests for gender, LGBTQ, racial, and socioeconomic equality? 

These are all questions that have yet to be answered. I still have a lot to learn about myself and about others. But I’ll start small and grow. Right now I’m getting more involved with the social justice work at my church and learning about the issues we face in the Chippewa Valley. 

It’s not going to be easy, and will require me stepping out of my comfort zone. But I will do what I can, little by little. 


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