A Little Off

I’m not really feeling like myself today. I might be coming down with a cold, or just tired from trying to process all the chaos in the world right now. We also put an offer on a house, so there’s all the fear and excitement that goes with that. 

So I’m kind of boring this week, maybe the coming days will spark some inspiration and excitement, or I just need some good sleep and extra Vitamin D to get my groove back.

So if I am getting sick (Dave has a cold), or am just in a slump, self care is very important, and that brings me to the week’s meal prep! 

I made a variation of a Thai red curry recipe I found on the Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste jar. Coconut milk, the paste, chicken, veggies, all simmered together. I’ll eat it with a bit of rice. I put a little jalapeño in the dish so maybe that with the veggies will help clear up whatever is going on. 

Dave is not a fan of coconut curry dishes, but I love it (shout out to my friend Gina, who introduced me to Thai food). So meal prep is a nice way for me to enjoy it! I do wish I had a couple of tasty egg rolls from Singah Thai in Eau Claire to go with it though. 🥘🍚

Also, because I am a proud cat mama, here is my Moses playing with his Most Favorite Catnip Mousie. 


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