So far we’ve put offers on two houses. One countered wanting more than we could afford, and the second accepted another offer without a counter to ours. The second is really a disappointment for us. We felt we had a great offer and it would be a house we could enjoy living in for many years to come. 

So the search will continue. I’m frustrated though, because we do have a low budget, even with a down payment, and we don’t want something that is going to require a lot of work, so move-in ready is hard to find with what we want. But we don’t want to buy a house just to buy a house, so we will keep trying for one that checks the boxes. Maybe this spring will bring more options. 

So last night and this morning I allowed myself some wallowing time. We saw The Lego Batman Movie last night (very fun) ate some terrible food (not good terrible, so not so fun), and I slept in this morning. 

But when I got up, I got to work making the best damn rice crispy treats ever. Wait, I should make that the official name, “The Best Damn Rice Crispy Bars You Will Ever Put in Your Mouth.” They’re for my church’s Confirmation kids tonight, so I’ll take the damn out and be a good influence. The secret is to find a recipe that uses extra marshmallows and then add even more marshmallows! 

I also prepped veggies to make Poblano-Tomato Soup from the Cooking Light Magazine Superfoods for Diabetes cookbook. Poblano peppers, red bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and shallots are broiled to get a little char, then puréed and mixed with chicken or veggie broth and seasonings. It was so easy and tastes very fresh and light. Different from usual tomato soups that require cream. I can’t wait for fresh farmer’s market tomatoes this summer, I bet it will be even better. 

So after prepping, Dave and I went to the Y, where I declared today to be Arm Day. I might regret that tomorrow. Lunch followed, where we had the soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Now I’m relaxing with Moses on my lap, thinking about the week to come. 

My goal is to get 5 or 6 good workouts of a minimum of 45 minutes in, stick to my meal plans ( lunches will be turkey pepperoni and provolone cheese low carb wraps), and just take one day at a time. Hopefully I’ll make time to blog a bit more too. My cats want their chance at internet fame! 


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