Blizzard Beauty After

Here’s my after…after shoveling, errands, and my haircut! In the photo you can see the front and back.

It’s been a long time since my hair has been this short. I’ve had issues with hair thinning since I was in college (thank you, genetics and stress), but I’ve been doing what I can to treat it and now I think the actual loss has stopped. It may never grow back, but I think keeping it short for awhile will help keep it healthy. I won’t need to mess with it as much. 
My natural color was sort of a golden brown. I’ve been coloring it since college because I also started going gray then (thank you, genetics). I’ve been blonde, black, burgundy, but my favorite is always some shade of red. Now I keep a streak of white in the front as well. Why fight nature? I get a lot of compliments on it, and surprised reactions when people find out it’s natural. 

I have my hair cut and colored by Sabrina, the owner of Saylon Seven in Eau Claire. Besides being fantastic with hair, she’s an amazing person. I always have a great time at the salon and feel fabulous when I leave. 


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