A dear friend and I had the opportunity to visit a couple of other dear friends in Seattle this past week. We were gone for just shy of a week, and it was so wonderful to get away and have a chance to be with three of my most favorite people in the city that has helped my friend to truly thrive and find herself.

The weather was stereotypical Seattle weather-rainy and windy, but the rain was never very heavy and we had had some lovely glimpses of sunshine. We visited the Pike Place, Fremont, and Ballard markets, took some nice walks along Alki Beach, enjoyed a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island, and a wonderful hike in the Olallie State Park, among other things.

The vibe of Seattle is so chill. I felt very comfortable and safe everywhere we went, no matter what time of day or night it was. I really enjoyed being in a place where everyone is encouraged to just be who they are. There’s so much natural beauty. The sea, the mountains just a short distance a way, pine trees and palm trees. My skin and sinuses definitely miss the air!

The hike in Olallie State Park, to the Twin Falls waterfalls, was absolutely amazing. One of the hardest, yet also most invigorating things I’ve ever done. Neither words nor photos can do justice to the beauty of the place. For a first timer like myself, it was a hard hike. I’m very proud of doing it, and enjoying it at the same time. I didn’t fall, sprain or break any body parts, and I didn’t complain a bit. At least I don’t think I did…sometimes I’m a little whiny when it comes to things like that.

As always, it’s hard to come back to reality after this vacation. But I have a busy spring ahead with closing on our new house and moving. It’s easy for me to let things like that distract me from my self-care goals, so I’m going to work hard on committing to my Zumba classes and choir rehearsals, and eating right and taking time to rest and relax. I’m hoping to use my time in Seattle as a motivator going forward. Motivation to enjoy the little things in life, give my time and energy to people and things that are important to me, embrace who I am, and to remember that I am stronger and more capable of things than I oftentimes think I am. Mountain stream




2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Cori says:

    Hello pretty lady! Just want to say I truly appreciate you writing your adventures. You really have an awesome perspective on life and helps to remind me to have the same. Wish I would’ve gotten to know you better you’re a cool chick! And it looks like life is getting more awesome with the house. Congrats!


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