Office Space

We’re two weeks away from closing on our new house!

I’m so looking forward to the unpacking and decorating part of the process. It’s fun to think about what we might do with the yard, how we’ll set up the guest room, where we’re going to put our giant collection of spices, and how our new office will be set up.

The new office is one of the spare bedrooms, it’s on the main floor of the house, currently painted cream and a sage or spring green. Close to lime green, but not quite. It has two windows, and I’d like the desk that we’ll have to be set up under one of them, so I can look out into the backyard while I blog or pay bills. If the current owner leaves the shelves that he has set up from the ceiling halfway down the wall in one corner, that will be great for storage and displaying some of my knick knacks and photos. If he takes them down, Dave is planning on building new ones for us. The hamster and tortoise will live in that room, and eventually we’ll have a cat tower or kitty snuggle shelf at the second window so my fuzzy wuzzies can hang out with me while I’m in there working. I want a birdfeeder outside the window to keep the cats entertained, therefore keeping me entertained.

I want to make the space inviting and inspiring, someplace that I’ll actually want to go into and use. Our current office does not have that vibe. I’ve been looking online at Pintrest and Instagram, and in catalogs like Paper Source for fun ideas for office supplies and décor. Really, half the fun is looking at everything and getting ideas! I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t have to have it all done right away. We’re going to be sticking around for awhile, it can be a work in progress, to really make it our own. Ok, in this case, it’s going to be mostly MY own, but I’ll spending more time in there than Dave will anyway!





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