Deep Thoughts During Zumba

A sampling, for your entertainment, or maybe just for mine, of some of the things that went through my brain during Zumba this morning:

“Since we started using it, I really don’t hate this song anymore.”

Lyrics of song: “Do you like it?” Me: “Eh.” Song: “Do you love it?” Me: “It’s kind of early.” Song: “Do you want it?” Me: “More coffee!”

” I should really Google the lyrics of this song again, so I can sing along to more than just La, la, la la!”

“I’ll wear a jingle skirt on Monday.”

“Gina would have fun with this song.”

“Her jingle skirt looks really cute with her outfit.”

“Wrong foot.”

“I think my blood pressure is low. I should have that checked. Or maybe breathing would help.”

“Yep, breathing is good.”

“Did Enrique say this is premium dope?”

“That’s totally what it sounds like.”


“One high heel, work that hip. Now the other one. It’s easier on the right than the left. Why is it easier on the right than the left? Oops, other way.”

“This is the song that never ends…”

“I should really work on lunges.”

“I wonder how much Bruno Mars tickets are?”

“I wonder if we could do the Erasure version of Voluez-Vous.”

“Voluez-Vous, ah ha! Ah ha!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa WATERLOO!”

“I need to find out the name of that new one that I like.”

“Second toning song already?”

And then I had to leave for the March for Science. I’ll do it all again on Monday!




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