Some Assembly Required: Part 2

When we moved, we needed some new furniture for the new house. Dave put so many hours into finding the right pieces for us, and then putting everything together that didn’t come already assembled.

After piecing together bookcases, our table and chairs, a cabinet, and helping me with putting the desk together, you’d think he’d never want to put a piece of furniture together again. However, since we moved in, he’s gotten into woodworking, and has completed a few projects for the house.

Dave’s grandparents were woodworkers, we have several beautiful little wooden animal figures that they made together. It’s been fun for me to watch him develop this new hobby. Every day when I come home he’s gotten a little more done on his projects.

First up was a storage frame for our canoe. It gets the canoe up off the garage floor, making it easier for us to move it, and he put storage space underneath for some our garage things. Next he started a tiered basket. We keep it on our counter, it holds the fresh fruit we always have on hand, and saves space by taking the place of two separate baskets. Then he completed a liquor cabinet for our basement. Now he’s working on a hexagon shaped wall shelf that we will probably use to display the little critters his grandma whittled.

I’m really proud of what he’s done! I worry a little bit too, because I’m afraid of power tools, but he always wears eye protection and promises he’ll be careful.

Here are photos of the basket and cabinet:

I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with in the future!


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