Beagles Don’t Wear Lipstick

I follow the Beagle Freedom Project on social media. They’re an organization that works to rescue and find loving homes for Beagles that have spent their lives in research facilities. BFP also lobbies to put limits on animal research.

I love Beagles, my step-mama has one Beagle, George, and what I call the Wanna-Beagle (he’s a Coon Hound), Mack, and she and my dad had George along with Sadie, Chester, and PJ. Such sweet dogs, all of them. So it’s this personal love for Beagles that sparked my interest in BFP, and my quest to transition as many of my personal care products as possible to brands that conduct no testing or experiments utilizing animals.

I’ve been researching online products that are available at my local Ulta, Sephora, or drugstores that are labeled “cruelty-free.” The PETA website offers extensive information, including a list broken down between skincare and makeup lines.

I was very pleased to see that some of my current favorites meet the criteria, including Mario Badescu, Dermalogica, Paul Mitchell, IT Cosmetics, Tarte, and Urban Decay. My hair products have been entirely Paul Mitchell for a couple of years now, Mario Badescu makes my favorite eye cream, and Urban Decay is a favorite for eye makeup. Dermalogica, IT Cosmetics, and Tarte are brands I’ve just been getting acquainted with.

I was saddened to see that two of my favorite companies, Dr. Jart+ and Origins are not on the list. Origins is especially devastating to me. I used to work for Origins at Macy’s. Being naturally based and cruelty-free was something that the company took great pride in, and as an employee, I did as well.

Origins was created by and is owned by the Estee Lauder Companies. So many amazing lines are now under the Lauder umbrella. Any makeup and skincare devotee out there knows that the Lauder brands are known for innovation and research. They are the best of the best. But to expand into Asia, the Lauder companies have to allow animal testing of their products where it is required by law.

Some of the smaller Lauder lines, including the recently acquired Too Faced cosmetics, which makes one of my favorite mascaras, “Better Than Sex,” have been historically cruelty-free. It will be interesting to see if that remains the case as Lauder takes over the line.

I spent some time at Ulta yesterday looking at what they have to offer, it’s very exciting to find that they have a much larger selection than I expected. I’m going to replace things as I use them up, and so far I’ve found a substitute for everything but my foundation, my nighttime serum, and my most beloved product ever, my Dr. Andrew Weil serum from Origins (that’s the one that really hurts). Those are going to take a little more research and more sampling. I have mild rosacea, and that is a big factor in what skincare products I can use.

My skincare products.

My makeup collection-the bag holds my eyeshadows. 

As I try new things and discover new favorites, I’ll be sure to share them with all of you! If you’re looking for cruelty-free products yourself, it will be noted on the product packaging.

The fabulous Shape Tape concealer by Tarte, a cruelty-free brand. 

 If you have a favorite, please share! And if any skincare or cosmetic companies out there come across this and need a human guinea pig to try their latest sensitive skin line on, I’d be glad to help!





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