Turn and Face the Strange


It’s been awhile since I last posted, but I had a very busy summer and autumn continues to be busy with adjusting to a few changes in my life.

Since you last heard from me, I’ve still been blogging, only it has been as an Eau Claire Insider for Visit Eau Claire. I’m writing posts that so far have given me the opportunity to explore and promote my adopted hometown, while encouraging visitors to come to town and locals to discover things they hadn’t yet. Check out my work at visiteauclaire.com

It’s been a lot of fun, and I hope to continue writing for Visit Eau Claire and maybe even explore other opportunities with them as time goes on.

I’m settling into a new routine with work as well. In September, I left Mayo Clinic Health System Eau Claire, where I had worked just shy of nine years, to start a new job with Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire. So far the adjustment has been fairly smooth, although I really miss my Mayo people. But my new Group Health people are awesome too! At Group Health Cooperative, they really encourage members and employees to be as healthy and active as we can. Next year, if Dave and I meet certain criteria, we’ll be eligible for reduced health insurance premiums for the following year. I can take walks on my breaks, we have 15 minute fitness classes a few times a month, fruit and fizzy water are kept on hand for healthy snacks, a massage therapists visits every other week, and starting Tuesday, we’ll have an on-site yoga class that I’ll be joining.

With the job change also came a new gym! I joined the local Planet Fitness, and am really enjoying it. Well, as much as I can enjoy a gym. I’m still figuring out a routine that gives me a good balance of toning my whole body, not just my shoulders and arms, and as I get more comfortable and see more progress, I’ll keep trying new things, like the squat rack. I love using the hydro-massage tables, and on the first Monday of the month, they get pizza! I mean, come on, a gym that gives me free pizza? How perfect is that?

But I haven’t quit Zumba! Between Zumba and the gym, I’m aiming for 5-6 days of workouts of at least 45 minutes. Stacey motivates me to get my cardio up with her crazy energy, and Patti has been helping me lock down the best form for toning moves, and I’ve been noticing a difference! Small differences, but they’re enough to keep me motivated and sometimes that motivation has me up at 5:00 on cold WI mornings to get to Planet Fitness before work. Sometimes. I’ve lost a few pounds, which is required for me to earn that reduced premium, but the increase in my energy and the mood boost is so awesome. As I continue to progress I’ll post a few photos, like when the shoulders and calves really start toning up! Of course, due to my gastric bypass, a lot of toning is going to require the aid of a plastic surgeon, but I’ll do what I can do with exercise.

Now that the weather is cooler, I want comfort food, which isn’t always good for me, but it’s comfort food that I want to cook myself, which is usually healthier. I’ll be posting more of that soon!

Oh and I have new hair as of today! My new job is more forgiving of unique hair color and tattoos, so today I stopped to see Sabrina Eau Claire’s Saylon Seven and had some rose gold added to my hair. We covered my temple gray streaks too, the pinky violet there looks fabulous, if I do say so myself. In regards to the tattoos, I’ve got about five different ideas in my head of new ones I want. I don’t know if I’ll ever get anymore, but it’s nice to not have to worry as much about hiding them if I do.

I had been sharing my quest to find cruelty-free products, and I’ve got some favorites I want to promote, so stay tuned for that as well!

I’m looking forward to all the coziness of the holiday season, and hoping to survive January and February by following the Danish Hygge practice as much as I can, and embracing small joys and comforts in winter. So lots of things at least for me to look forward to writing about, and I hope you look forward to it too!




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